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 10 Ways To Get Batter At Essay Writing

10 Ways to Improve Your Essay Writing
If you are having problems with essay writing, then you have come to the right place. Whether it is a struggle with developing your thesis or not including a call to action statement, the list below will provide you with information towards better grades without increased effort.

1.Understand the question/topic

One of the most critical errors in writing is to completely disregard the topic. Often times, people do not even realize this error until midway through or at the very end, but this problem can be easily avoided. Before writing anything down, read the question or topic. Read it again. Read it until you can answer: What is the point of this paper? What is my stance on this topic? What message do I want to come across?

2.Understand the subject

It tends to be very difficult to write a paper on something that you may know absolutely anything about. When you understand the topic and know what direction you want to go, go online and read some articles about the subject. Become familiar enough with the subject that you will not need to stumble through your paper.

3.Summarize your main points

You should be at a point where you understand the topic and have a feel for the subject at hand. Now, write down the main points to your argument or topic. These ideas will become the individual paragraphs between your introduction and conclusion.

4.Outline your paper!

Now with your main points, you have enough information to start outlining your paper. Under each of your main points, provide sentences and details that support your paper. In research papers, make sure to cite each detail that supports your main points so that you do not have to go back and find it later on.

5.Body Paragraphs First

WITH YOUR TOPIC SENTENCE, HYPOTHESIS, OR POINT OF YOUR PAPER IN MIND, begin writing your body paragraphs. You should have enough detail in your outline to introduce your arguments and support them with details and analysis. Remember to separate your main points with paragraphs.

6.Write Your Introduction and Conclusion Last

With your body paragraphs finished, you know exactly what details you have covered in your paper. Start with your introduction: I like to introduce my topics with some information about the topic. Draw from history or facts that you have learned that may not be included in your paper. End the introduction with the point of your paper in the form of your topic sentence or hypothesis and then your main arguments / details. Wrap up your conclusion with a good call to action. It should go like this: This is the point of my paper because of these reasons that make up individual paragraphs within my paper.

7.Transform into a Final Draft

Read through your paper and add any additional details you can think of involing good essay writing techniques. Add as much support as you can to each paragraph without rambling. This step is definitely necessary if you have not yet met your required page or word length.

8.Double Check for Spelling and Grammar

Too much trust is being put into document programs like Microsoft Word that are able to check your spelling and grammar for you. With all the work you have put into your paper, take three minutes and proudly read through it for mistakes. Microsoft Word will not correct the word “sport” if you accidentally type the word “sort”.

9.Peer Review?

Have someone you trust read your paper. Other than the praise you will get for such an amazing essay, they can provide you with positive feedback. Make sure your peer reviewer reads the assignment first so that they can check if your paper addresses the assignment.

10.Read More

If this process was a struggle for you, read more! Read other essays so that you can see other examples of how other people develop their essays. Read books so that you can expand your vocabulary. If your essay has the word believe as in “I believe” one-hundred times, you need to start thinking of other ways formulate sentences so that you can get your point across without sounding like a robot.
Remember that these 10 tips formulate just one strategy towards writing your essay. You will eventually get to the point in your educational career that you will develop your own method, which may be very similar or very different from the one explained here.

Essay writing is a skill that will develop as you write, and will be used again in scientific papers, literary analysis, or call to action papers. The last tip I can provide you is to give yourself plenty of time to write your paper. Do not put it off till the night before, if at all possible. Good luck!

10 Ways To Get Better At Essay Writing
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